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We invite you to submit a proposal to share your knowledge, insights, experience and understanding about online, blended and technology-enhanced learning in higher education with colleagues, practitioners, online learning experts, government policy-makers, and private sector providers from around the world in Toronto, Canada at ONLINE LEARNING 2019: Global Summit & EdTech Expo, Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age from October 8-10, 2019: 

  • What findings from your research provide useful insights on effective online learning?
  • What proven practices and ongoing experiments in teaching and learning can you share with colleagues?
  • What strategies are successful in reaching and serving marginalized and underserved populations?
  • What technologies are you leveraging to increase access, engage learners, improve completion rates and design rich learning experiences focused on clear outcomes?
  • What do you see as ground-breaking practice – something we should all keep an eye on?
  • Which operational and business processes in online learning benefitted your teaching, learning or management?
  • What do you see as the future for online and flexible learning?

And for the daring, not the faint of heart: 

  • What lessons have you learned from an intervention or a strategy that did NOT work?
  • What provocative analysis and conclusions that challenge and reframe the established orthodoxies for online learning do you want to share?
  • What far-out experiments or initiatives are you currently engaged in that show great promise?


The Call for Proposals for ONLINE LEARNING 2019: Global Summit & EdTech Expo, Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age is now open!

Global Summit Theme and Tracks

Under the global theme of “Future Ready”, prospective presenters with forward-thinking, novel and student-oriented innovations are encouraged to make a submission to the Call for Proposals in one or more of the five tracks:

  1. Access, Openness and Flexibility
  2. Course Design, Development and Delivery
  3. Assessment, Analytics and Student Success
  4. Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy
  5. Faculty, Staff and Institutional Development

All plenaries, concurrent sessions, workshops, interactive panels, and hands-on demonstrations focus on one or more of these five tracks, which provoke, challenge and provide the basis for the many opportunities for open discussion during the Global Summit. The theme, Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age, and the five tracks reflect feedback ONLINE LEARNING 2019 hosted by Contact North | Contact Nord in October 2019, as well as other conferences on online, blended and technology-enabled learning held around the world. We believe the theme and tracks capture the critical components and emerging trends in the field. Click here for a full description of the tracks.

All proposals must align to one or more of the five Global Summit tracks.

A description of all Global Summit presentation formats can be found here. 



Our goal for ONLINE LEARNING 2019 is to provide delegates with a timely, informative and engaging program focused on online teaching and learning by:

  • Organizing all sessions as platforms for open discussion;
  • Enabling interactivity through question and answer sessions and open dialogue between delegates and presenters in every session. To facilitate this, most presentations will be 15 minutes in length;
  • Showcasing ground-breaking practices and research in online learning by faculty, instructors, practitioners, academic decision-makers, training providers, start-ups, educational industry leaders and policy-makers;
  • Offering a display, launch pad and marketplace for educational technologies, featuring the latest online learning platforms and solutions; and
  • Profiling major innovations taking place in online and flexible learning.

To facilitate these objectives, you may find it helpful to respond to the following five questions when formulating your proposal:

  1. What did you do?
    Provide a description of your teaching and learning initiative, software, or research project and its objectives.
  2. What resources did you use?
    If applicable, outline how resources, such as software, tools and/or apps, contributed to your initiative.
  3. What did you learn?
    Describe any new understanding, strategy or outcome that resulted from your work.
  4. What is the key takeaway?
    Provide a key lesson from your project that can add to delegates’ skills and understanding.
  5. What are your next steps?
    How do you intend to take this work to the next level?


Submitting Your Proposal

All proposals must be submitted through the abstract system configured specifically for ONLINE LEARNING 2019.

Presentations in English are encouraged to ensure a maximum audience.

To submit your proposal:

  • Create an account in our abstract submission system, available in English only. Use the framework to submit your proposal in English or French.
  • Follow the instructions in the system to submit your proposal.
  • Submit an abstract of a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 800 words outlining your content, the proposed structure of your presentation and how it aligns with one or more of the five Global Summit tracks.
  • Review the Presentation Formats to determine your preferred presentation format (there is no guarantee you will receive your preferred format). You will be asked to select a format during the submission process.

Within two days of the submission of your proposal, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt.


Proposal Selection Criteria

Our Review Team assesses all proposals and you will be advised within eight weeks of submission on the status of your proposal.

Each proposal is reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the five tracks: Does the focus align with one or more of the five tracks of the Global Summit?
  • Importance and relevance: Does the initiative or research project provide new or better understanding, valuable insights, and useful tools and resources?
  • Clear description: Does the proposal adequately describe the initiative or research project, the resources used, the lessons learned and the takeaways in terms of understanding and skills of the delegates?
  • Presenter knowledge: Does the presenter(s) appear to have sufficient knowledge, expertise and authority to address this topic?
  • Engaging presentation style: Has the presenter outlined an interactive presentation format that engages the target audience?

Proposals are selected to ensure the program offers a comprehensive and diverse range of themes and tracks at the Global Summit.

The proposal submission system allows presenters to request the type of presentation format they feel best suits their content. Accepted presenters may be invited to combine with other presenters in a panel or other session formats at the discretion of Contact North | Contact Nord.


Before Submitting Your Proposal

Before submitting your proposal, please consider the following:

  • All presenters of accepted proposals must pay the full delegate registration fee and cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. ONLINE LEARNING 2019 does not provide complimentary registration for presenters or subsidize travel and accommodation costs, nor can we can assist in finding sponsors for individual presenters.
  • Accepted presenters may require a Visa or other travel documents to visit Canada to attend ONLINE LEARNING 2019. Click here for information on requirements for travel to Canada.
  • Contact North | Contact Nord reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal at its sole discretion.

Help us create a program that appeals to delegates from around the world and brings the ONLINE LEARNING 2019 theme of Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age to life!

The deadline to submit your proposal is 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, August 30, 2019.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Click here to submit your proposal.