Toronto: It puts a spell on you (Part 3)

By Sonia Holiad April 23, 2018

YORKVILLE is your destination for high-end shopping, people-watching, enjoying a drink on an outdoor patio, or indulging in a meal prepared by a celebrity chef “du jour.” If you arrive by taxi/Uber, ask to be dropped off at the northeast corner of Bloor Street West and Avenue… Read more

Toronto: it puts a spell on you (Part 2)

By Sonia Holiad March 20, 2018

The University of Toronto buildings situated near King’s College Circle are a favourite destination of mine, regardless of the season. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, created in 1853, is a National Historic Site of Canada. Its imposing exterior, the result of a medley of architectural styles, features arches, intricate carvings,… Read more

Toronto: It puts a spell on you (Part 1)

By Sonia Holiad March 19, 2018

Toronto is like a well-organized spice shop, revealing its rich flavours at every turn. Memorable experiences in the world’s most multicultural city are found by crossing a street, wandering a laneway, or hopping into a handy taxi or streetcar. If you have only an hour or… Read more