1. Concurrent Sessions

These 1-hour moderated concurrent sessions feature:

  • 15 minutes for each presentation;
  • Each presentation joins 2 others linked by a common theme in a 1-hour session;
  • If a presentation has more than one presenter, the co-presenters share the 15 minutes as they wish;
  • Due to the 15-minute time allocation, presenters are advised to have no more than 4 to 5 PowerPoint slides;
  • All session presenters will also participate in an interactive 15-minute question, answer and discussion period at the end of the session.
  1. Concurrent Workshops

These 1-hour concurrent workshops feature:

  • A 2- to 3-minute introduction and outline of the workshop by a moderator;
  • Hands-on engagement and demonstration of technologies, tools or concepts by 1 or more presenters (if there is more than 1 presenter in the workshop, the hour is shared equally by the presenters);
  • Questions and answers throughout the workshop.

Presenters are responsible for all materials needed for the workshop, including handouts or photocopies. ONLINE LEARNING 2019 will not provide assistance with making photocopies. A copy service is available within the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, with any costs for materials covered by the presenter.

  1. Special Briefings

These 1-hour special briefings, presented by an expert, on a set of specific resources, processes, developments and trends to help one’s teaching, research and/or planning include:

  • 5-minute introduction and outline of topic;
  • 40-minute exploration of major developments, trends, challenges and opportunities related to the topic;
  • 15 minutes of questions and answers.
  1. Panel Discussions

These 1-hour moderated panel discussions feature:

  • 2- to 3-minute introduction and outline of the panel discussion;
  • 3 to 5 presenters exploring a common theme, sharing analyses, insights and experiences (please note the purpose of the Panel Discussion is to share insights in a conversational format – presenters may not make use of a PowerPoint presentation but rather will share their insights/experiences in response to the central theme of the discussion);
  • Questions and answers as well as discussions throughout.


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